Got a sense of humor,

Like a laugh?

Then Wagwords awaits!



What is Wagwords?

Wagwords is a humor game – where the object is to fill in the missing blanks – blanks which are punchlines to jokes, wordplays and unexpected story twists. Each Wagword comes with help clues.

Wagwords instructions



Here is a Wagword sample from Australian Comedian Elliot Goblett:


I’m trying to teach my tortoise how to roll over – he’s…


Here’s another Wagword sample, from Australian Comedian Mark Pengilly:


I’m filming the growing of my moustache. Can’t wait to…





Grizbut and the Amazonians

The first Wagwords story is ‘Grizbut and the Amazonians,’ written for young adults. It is the fun and empowering tale of a warrior-woman called Grizbut, a super chilled-out Amazonian with a supreme sense of humor, power and cunning. An expert in ‘The Old Ways’ of her tribe, she is a worthy match for all who dare cross her path. As Chief tribal elder, Grizbut’s wisdom and wit is constantly being tested, as too is the reader’s wit – and sense of humor, when solving the missing Wagwords.

So if you like a laugh and a fun challenge, Wagwords’ ‘Grizbut and the Amazonians’ samples await below!

Sample 1

Today was the first day of the Golympicus Games, and it was devoted to archery and swimming. As Grizbut was the chief official, she was first at the pool. The opening race was a hundred meter freestyle event for…


Sample 2

Lying in bed next morning, Grizbut thought about the great success of the launch the night before. But just as her head was about to get caught up in all the details, she felt a change in her room…


Sample 3

Grizbut and Lunii checked their injuries. Nothing too serious, just cuts and bruises. The two girls grabbed the MAC chest, plus some other Azac weapons, and headed out. As they departed, a minor aftershock shook the maze…





To aid and encourage reading with humor, Wagwords is also being developed for kids.